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Dr Joe Dispenza – Progressive and Intensive Workshops


Please Note: If you plan to take part in a Week Long Advanced Retreat with Dr. Joe, both the Online Intensive and Progressive Videos are INCLUDED in the workshop rate.


You can now enjoy both of Dr. Joe’s Workshops from the convenience of your own house! This Online Progressive bundle includes a complimentary view of the Online Intensive Workshop. You will require to enjoy the Intensive Workshop. Please do not head out of order for the details provided builds on itself throughout the courses. For those who have actually currently been to a live Intensive or Level 1 Workshop, it is advise that you evaluate a minimum of the Intensive Parts 1-4.


The Online Intensive with subtitles is offered in the following languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Română, Russian,


This Online Progressive Workshop has actually been made into 9 sections for you to see over 9 weeks or at your own quicker speed. By doing this you can take your time and see the workshop at your speed, continue ahead as you ‘d like, or return and re-watch any sector as you please throughout the time allocated.


” The biggest routine we need to break is the routine of being ourselves.”

— Dr. Joe Dispenza


During this course, Dr. Joe will provide brand-new mentors, share case research studies and examples, teach you how to recondition your body to a brand-new mind, and reveal you how to free energy saved in your body in the kind of self-limiting ideas, unconscious practices, and remembered feelings.

When you maximize energy from your past and open yourself as much as a brand-new future, you can produce who you truly wish to be and what you desire in your life. Numerous individuals worldwide have actually used these concepts and produced remarkable outcomes on their own.

This workshop will get you out of your convenience zone and press you beyond your ‘restrictions’ to break chains and set you devoid of the old programs that have actually held you captive. This is a distinct chance for you to pull back from your regular life with all of the familiar stimuli and produce a brand-new truth. You will be asked to suspend all beliefs and to include the unidentified.

Dr. Joe will take you through a series of interactive workouts and extensive meditations that will deepen your practice and procedure of modification.


  • Tune into the boundless capacities in the quantum field
  • Change your energy from living in the past to residing in a brand-new future
  • Enter much deeper levels of the subconscious mind
  • Reprogram your genes
  • Develop your attention as an ability
  • Train your body and mind to be in today minute
  • Live a future truth now
  • Break your psychological bonds with whatever or individual in your recognized truth
  • Change your understandings and beliefs
  • Use psychological wedding rehearsal to recondition your body to a brand-new mind
  • Energize your brain
  • Liberate psychological energy saved in your body, then utilize it to produce a brand-new fate
  • Ascend your energy
  • Open the heart
  • Use your awareness to command matter
  • Broadcast brand-new electro-magnetic signatures to produce brand-new chances in your life
  • Surrender to the quantum mind
  • Shift from the Newtonian design of truth to the Quantum design of truth

On the other side of your discomfort is your flexibility. On the other side of your worry is a much deeper love than you have actually ever understood.

You will leave this workshop having actually experienced extensive and effective shifts inside and beyond you. When they came, lots of individuals in the last 3 years have actually reported that they actually left this workshop a various individual from. As you continue your practice with the strategies and tools you eliminate from this weekend, you will experience substantially visible and continuous modifications in your world.



The Intensive & & Progressive Workshops include an overall of 23 hours and 36 minutes of training videos and meditations

Please prepare your view time so that you can finish your workshop seeing over the next 13 weeks (93days) from your purchase date. Recommendation: Watch the Intensive over the very first 3 Weeks, and after that the Progressive over the next 9 Weeks, offering yourself the last one week for additional examining time.

Your Pay Per View service is offered for 93 days from your date of purchase. Please make sure to mark your calendars and see the workshop videos, download the workshop notes, and see the course resources prior to your expiration date. When your 93 days has actually ended, we are not able to extend your watching time.

Note: If you go to a Week Long Advanced Retreat, the videos will be availabe to you from the time of your registration and as much as 30 days after the workshop has actually finished.

* Online videos are non-refundable after 48 hours has actually passed considering that your purchase.



The watching of this course is a compulsory requirement for attending our Week Long Advanced Retreats. This course will be consisted of for you as a part of your workshop cost.

It is extremely essential that you reserve time to see these videos prior to attending your Week Long Advanced Retreat. The Online Intensive and Progressive videos prepared for you to comprehend completely Dr. Joe’s work.

As you advance through these courses you will not just acquire the essential understanding, however will likewise have the opporutnity to practice that understanding prior to meeting Dr. Joe personally. The more understanding you have and the much deeper your understanding, the more that Dr. Joe will have the ability to advance his mentors at your workshop.

” We’re in totally brand-new area … rewiring the brain, reconnecting to a brand-new idea & & eventually it alters us from the within out.”

— Dr. Joe Dispenza

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